Great Kitchen Designs for the Holidays

Gathering to prepare a big meal and eat great dishes with family and friends is an important part of any special event, especially  Thanksgiving. Our house plan designers believe that an ideal space for such events would be a large open kitchen and dining room with plenty of counter space for more than one cook. If space allows, the perfect design would have a functional island (possibly with a cook-top, cutting board and prep sink) to separate the space between cooking and entertaining. The dining room should be a flexible space that can easily be transformed from a place where you sit down for daily family dinners to an elegant table set for a special occasion.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, remember that function will matter much more than aesthetics. A kitchen should be well laid out with enough practical counter space and plenty of cabinets. You””””””””ll really feel the limitations and frustration of a poorly designed kitchen when you””””””””re trying to plan a holiday dinner or large party. Think of the future, because a kitchen makes a great selling point to any home regardless of the size – so invest in your upgrades now, rather then wishing you had later.

Get inspired by our collection of fabulous kitchen floor plans.

kitchen designs
This house plan features an open living space shared by the kitchen, dining room and living room. It's the perfect spot for hosting a party.