3 Popular Bungalow House Plans

If you want a home that can guarantee privacy and still look modern, you might want to consider a bungalow house plan. A bungalow is typically a one to one-and-a-half story home with low-pitched roofs and wide overhanging eaves. The term bungalow is widely used and has different meanings depending on the location. The term originated in India from […]

Craftsman House Plans Stand the Test of Time

Modern house plans come in many different styles, so if you are building a new home for yourself and your family, you have a whole world of choices out there.  Many of these house designs use elements of classic styles combined with modern sensibilities and efficient planning, creating a combination of the old and new […]

The Story Behind Craftsman House Plans

With the house plans that are on the market today it’s possible to plan the construction of virtually any kind of home you want on your property.  Floor plans for craftsman homes are particularly popular in many areas of the country, especially in areas where plots of land tend to be larger.  These craftsman house […]