Three Simple Ways to Green Your Home

Spring is just around the corner and as green starts to make its presence known in the grass and the trees there are simple things that everyone can do to green their new home. You can look for eco-friendly building materials and green solutions to many of your home building processes, but while you wait to […]

Farmington Hills is the Blueprint

Farmington Hills might just be the blue print that home designers all over the country have been waiting for. For years, there has been a swing across the country to go “green.” This means not just simply looking for ways to save the environment by using less of the non-renewable energy sources, but rather to […]

Introducing New House Plan Website

Welcome to Dream House Plans, Home Plans and Floor Plans. This new website is dedicated to giving consumers and homebuilders the most innovative and best-selling collection of green house plans online. We have assembled a group of the leading architects and designers to bring you their most popular house plans, in a wide range of […]