Windows That Suit Your Home's Style

by Megan Cooney, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

The windows you choose are contingent upon the style of your home. Every single aspect of your house contributes to its overall appeal. Great windows that match the exterior will make people stop and share a second glance at your house. And of course you want the interior view to stay true to the vibe as well! To ensure that your abode turns heads, let’s take a moment and see which window works best for some of our most popular house plan styles, including modern, colonial, Mediterranean, traditional, and Craftsman houses.

Marvin Ultimate Casement Window

The Marvin Ultimate Casement Window is a beautiful option for a modern home whether it's large or tiny, like this case study illustrates.

Modern Homes

Windows, windows, and more windows. Modern homes are oftentimes adorned with numerous large rectangular or square windows placed asymmetrically to bring the outdoors in. Generally, they’re casement windows that are hinged on one side and open to the left or right. The window frames are narrow in attempts to draw attention away from them, because they form negative space that clashes with the positive space of the walls. Modern window design is not only attractive, but may even save you money in the winter season by passive solar gain if you orient the house right!

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window

The Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window smoothly incorporates itself into old, traditional homes and delivers the performance homeowners demand nowadays.

Colonial Homes

The windows in colonial homes act as accent pieces—they aren’t the main focus of the design. Double hung windows are used in attempts to look traditional, because this style was readily available in the colonial period. Divided lites are common, and they put more of the focus on the wooden frames and the patterns they make, which further define a home and its era. The frames tend to have a natural, earthy ambiance or are painted in a pastel tone. One of the major benefits of these sash windows is that they slide up and down to create cooling air flow out through the top and in through the bottom. In many cases, the windows have decorative grilles to make cleaning easier.

Integrity Wood-Ultrex Round Top Window

The Integrity Wood-Ultrex Round Top Window is a great choice for any Mediterranean styled abode.

Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean homes are all about arched windows. This beautiful aesthetic ties back to the Ancient Romans and creates timeless, regionally inspired charm. You have a lot of variability with arched windows as they can be completely clear or have divided lite grids for extra historical appeal. Arched windows can come in almost any configuration—they can be nonoperational picture windows, swinging casement windows, or sliding sash windows. Arched windows can be pricey, but you can also create the effect with a standard rectangular window and a half-round transom window on top.

Marvin Bay Window

The Marvin Bay Window looks elegant and brings plenty of light inside.

Traditional Homes

Traditional homes love their bay windows. Bay windows protrude from the side of the house to bring more light inside and create a sunny nook. Bay windows can be comprised of sash or casement windows; it’s the arrangement that defines them. This window design has a lengthy past that stretches as far back as the Renaissance, and they’re popular for many types of European and Victorian homes. Divided lites are favored to stay true to history, so see what kind is perfect for your architecture!

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window

The Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window can also seamlessly meld into the design of a Craftsman house, whether it has a classic or updated modern vibe. Shown here with painted muntins, the look is light and crisp.

Craftsman Homes

Multi-paned windows complement Craftsman houses. The most popular configuration consists of a double-hung window where the upper sash is divided vertically by muntins and the lower sash is one pane of glass. The surrounding frame is usually thick while the framing that encases each individual lite is thin in comparison, which shows off the rustic and precise appeal that this style is known for.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the most fitting windows at your disposal, it’s time to start browsing! If you’re looking to get quality windows that are architecturally correct for any home, peruse the multitude of options available from Integrity® and Marvin® Windows and Doors.

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