New Craftsman House Plans Customers Are Noticing

It goes without saying that Craftsman house plans are in high demand nowadays—we’ve definitely noticed the growing interest over the last few years! With classic American architecture, beautiful finer details, and flowing natural designs, these homes are well-loved by those who inhabit them as well as those who admire from the curbside. At Direct from […]

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your New Home

Choosing to build your own home is a liberating and rewarding experience, because you have so much more control over what you get than when you search existing real estate because you’re selecting your own house plan. You need to be careful, though—with freedom comes great responsibility. Rather than relying on teams of experts to […]

Tiny House Plans You’ll Want to Call Home

With minimalism going mainstream and more people wanting to reduce their expenses, tiny houses are big news. They are cropping up across the country and everybody from young professionals just starting out in their careers to retirees looking to enjoy a simpler lifestyle is interested in them. Our fascination with tiny house plans has birthed […]

House Plans with Great Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s one of the major features most in demand for new home construction—outdoor living space! Today’s typical homebuyer is looking for luxury and flexibility during their house plan search, and the range of outdoor living areas available answer the wants and needs of each customer. For some, a simple patio or deck is perfect, because […]

Growing Demand for Farmhouse Plans

Maybe you’ve noticed the growing fondness for farm houses in real estate, because we sure have! This style of home is currently one of our most popular house plans, and its fan base is only growing larger by the day. What draws people to farm houses is their modest yet distinctive architecture, designed to help […]

Popular Ranch House Plans

Ranch house plans are an American staple. Long and low in shape, single-story and with casual living spaces, ranch homes have been a favorite for almost one hundred years. It should come as no surprise that we see a lot of people choosing ranch plans for their convenient layouts, but as with anything, popularity breeds […]

Best Kitchen Designs of 2015 from Direct from the Designers

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so a truly amazing kitchen design really stands out and does more for a house’s atmosphere than any other single room. Due to there being numerous fixtures and appliances, and so many ways to integrate them all, kitchen design is an ever-changing art and science that seeks to […]