Craftsman House Plans Stand the Test of Time

Modern house plans come in many different styles, so if you are building a new home for yourself and your family, you have a whole world of choices out there.  Many of these house designs use elements of classic styles combined with modern sensibilities and efficient planning, creating a combination of the old and new that is classic yet contemporary at the same time.  Craftsman house plans are one fine example of this.  This type of architecture is based on the style that was popular among the working class homeowners during and after the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era.

The general sense of home design for the upper classes during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian eras were completely opposite of everything the craftsman movement embodied.  It was common to see large opulent homes often made from mass produced materials for the upper classes.  Small home plans built by hand, using natural materials were popular for laborers, farmers and other common professionals, and this sense of handcrafted simplicity carries on today.  People used their own hands and their own creativity to put together craftsman house plans that were unique, comfortable and quaint.

Now it’s possible to purchase modern house plans that are influenced by the craftsman spirit.  These are small home plans compared to the average Victorian home, which would have also had separate kitchens and servants’ quarters, since the separation of classes was very prevalent in this era.  The craftsman home design typically has a very open floor plan where the kitchen, dining room and living room sort of blend into one another with only partial walls or bars to separate them, so everyone is involved in preparing and enjoying meals.  This design also makes it possible for caregivers to feed and care for children more easily, so whomever is doing the cooking can also watch the children as they play in the living room.  The house designs typically include cleaner lines, using only natural materials and unique artisan features that celebrate the homebuilder.

More than a century after the craftsman movement, people are still building homes that are inspired by this simple and natural style of this era.  With open floor plans, unique woodwork and living areas that blend together for family and friends to enjoy one another’s company and watch out for each other, it is a type of home plan that should stand the test of time.