Save money with the right window blinds

Potential homeowners who are concerned about the environment as well as their energy bill may want to look into energy efficient house plans. However, no matter the kind of home you build, there are simple ways to lessen your footprint even further. Window blinds are one easy way to cut down on electricity and better heat your home.

With the advent of electric cooling and heating, it has become easy to forget that there are more cost effective ways to heat and cool a home. One method, which doesn't require electricity, is the implementation of window blinds. In the winter a house can be partially heated simply by raising blinds when the sun is shining on the window. For example, if the front facade of HHF-4422 were to face south, then it would be a good idea to have the blinds open during cold days. At night, closing the blinds helps to retain that solar gain. During the summer, keeping the blinds closed during the day will help keep rooms cool.

The quality of the blind will help determine its effectiveness in regulating the temperature of a home. Thicker, denser and darker blinds will absorb heat and release it over a period of time. Special enclosed blinds, such as the ones recommended by Energy Star, can increase thermal efficiency by up to 104 percent, reduce solar heat gain by 77 percent and reduce heat loss by 28 percent, according to Energy Star.