Small Home Plans With Big Handcrafted Style

Craftsman house plans are still exceedingly popular for modern home builders today, even though this architectural style appeared more than a century ago in the United States and Europe.  This type of home design originated as a backlash to the huge and elaborate homes that the upper classes typically occupied during the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution, which were usually made with manmade materials that were mass produced.  The working professionals of the day began designing their residences with small home plans that utilized natural materials and were built by the hands of local artisans.  Although the times have changed, the love of these home designs has not.

There are many factors that are unique to craftsman house blueprints.  The kitchen and living spaces are very open, for starters, which is a stark contrast to the Victorian homes where the kitchen and servants quarters were completely separate.  There would have been a completely closed off kitchen, and separate rooms for dining, meeting, entertaining and so forth.  But the house plans for working families had to be different, because they did not have servants that prepared meals and looked after the children.  The woman of the house needed an open environment where she could prepare meals and watch the children simultaneously.  Clean lines and unique craftsmanship using fine local woods were also common in this design.

Craftsman house plans incorporate simplicity and functionality, using natural or handcrafted materials such as wood, stone or glass.  These house plans include architectural aspects such as low-pitched roof lines, gabled or hipped roofs, deeply overhanging eaves, exposed rafters and a front porch that is situated beneath an extension of the main roof.  There are many home designs to choose from that include some or all of these craftsman influences, so it’s possible to design and build a home in this style anywhere in the country.

This type of home design lends itself quite nicely to environmental friendliness, too, which is a popular concept at the moment.  The whole philosophy of these small home plans is based on societal awareness, which goes hand-in-hand with the current green revolution.  Craftsman-style house blueprints can easily incorporate many green features such as energy efficient appliances, natural lighting, double paned windows to retain heat and even solar power.  By combining classic elements of the craftsman architectural era with modern sensibilities, homeowners can have a space that is both traditional and modern at the same time.