The pros and cons of a claw-footed tub

Claw-footed tubs, also known as freestanding tubs, can add a touch of sophistication and aged elegance to even the newest of homes. Yet, you'll want to give some serious consideration to their practicality and design before installing one.

These tubs are so named because they are elevated off the ground by four small feet. The fact that they are freestanding makes them a distinct design element in your bathroom. The feet are often carved and gilded, adding an ornate flourish to the tub. They would also look just as fitting in country house plans as they would in luxury homes. They're also often rather deep, making them perfect for long, relaxed soaks. 

However, the freestanding tub can also take up considerable space, and they require extra precautions on the part of bathers. Because they often sit highly and have a thin lip, getting in and out of them can be difficult for children and the elderly. As such, you'll probably want to keep claw-footed tubs for master bedrooms.

Also, for safety concerns, it can be a good idea to give generous space around a claw-footed tub. So, while some smaller house plans can technically fit this kind of tub, it's probably best used in baths with plenty of room, such as the one featured in HHF-8292.