The Williamsburg Collection is a Perfect Match for Colonial House Plans

There is no denying the appeal of classic and historical houses. With the help of Benjamin Moore® you can construct a new home with authentic historical colors from their Williamsburg Collection. A set of 144 paints based on the original pigments that were developed over 250 years ago. This rich palette of American colors is available in a variety of finishes, from rich, velvety flats to the highest gloss. These are versatile enough to be incorporated into any house style but would be perfect in any colonial home to create a historical look that is also rich and contemporary.

This foyer looks modern and classic. It achieves this by using four colors from Benjamin Moore’s® Williamsburg Collection to create a dynamic mix. This technique may be used in any home but is especially complimentary to the colonial collection from Direct from the Designers. This particular design uses Ewing Blue, Chesapeake Blue, Hardwood Putty, and Market Square Shell.

When talking about American Colonial architecture, we often refer to the original thirteen colonies. The building styles of these original colonies were influenced by styles from England and traditions brought by the settlers from other parts of Europe. The buildings typically feature steep roofs, small leaded glass casement windows, rich ornamentation and a central chimney. The traditional orientation of these buildings was southeast in order to maximize light in the northern parts of the States. Similarly, houses in southern colonies generally faced northeast to minimize heating by the sun.

An elegant country porch style home is just a click away. This colonial house plan is both classic and contemporary with an inviting screened-in porch and deck. Inside, homebuilders will find dramatic spaces with true flexibility. With a generous amount of living area and lots of multi-purpose rooms with exciting features in an affordable 1,992 square feet, this house plan has everything to offer including the possibility for future expansion.

One of the areas where historical colonial houses and modern colonial house plans differ is in the interior floor plan. A large portion of the house plans offered are direct reproductions from the American Colonial period, but the interior has been modified with desired amenities. When looking at these homes you will see similar style in the symmetry, columns, gables and dormers. Passersby might be fooled by a new home so closely inspired by the colonial period. Exteriors of colonial house plans could be fashioned of brick, lap siding, or stone but visitors will see that your home does not replicate the boxy interior designs of the 17th and 18th centuries. Instead, a modern colonial house plan is likely to have an open and up-to-date floor plan.

Regardless of whether you live in a colonial house that needs a new paint job or you really want a classic American look, Direct from the Designers colonial house plans and Benjamin Moore’s® Williamsburg Collection are a match made in heaven that will give the history buff in you something to smile about and keep your newly built house looking fresh and modern.