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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 103     4/9/2014 
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Window Styles




ENERY STAR Collection
hen it's time to look at windows you'll of course be considering size and placement, but also think about how the windows will operate. Double hung, slider, or casement? These and other types are available and the ones you choose will influence their ease of use. For example if you intend to place a large piece of furniture directly under a window you might choose a swing style over double hung as it will be easier to open and close. Inegrity® Windows features all the popular styles to make sure that you can get the best fit for your home.

You can choose the push-pull operation of an All Ultrex double-hung window or you can select the crank operation of the Wood-Ultrex casement and awning setup. You can even mix and match them with round top windows and polygon windows to maximize your view and let in the most natural light. Integrity® offers three lines including All Ultrex, Wood-Ultrex and IMPACT, giving you lots of options, not only in styles but also durability. Read more and see if you can find the perfect windows for your new home.
Integrity® Windows
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Integrity® Windows Integrity® Windows

Integrity® Windows Integrity® Windows

Integrity® Windows Integrity® Windows
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