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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 114     6/25/2014 
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Natural Appeal




ENERY STAR Collection
hrough the years we have seen the indoors move outside with outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. Today the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces can work in the other direction as well. Just as the comforts of indoor living have found their way outdoors the natural and organic appeal of the nature beauty that surrounds the home is making it's way inside.

Today indoor and outdoor spaces are being artfully blended in a number of ways. Whether it is through a unique transition, the use of many windows and doors or the way the colors, textures and surrounding elements influence a room or whole home's interior design, the outdoors is making itself felt. The result of this bi-lateral influence is open and airy interior spaces that have you feeling as if you are enjoying the outdoors even when the weather starts to cool down.
Benjamin Moore

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