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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 120     8/6/2014 
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Budget Conscious




ENERY STAR Collection
aking a budget that fits your desires and sticking to it isn't always easy but with a little know-how and ingenuity you can build a home you'll absolutely adore. There are products that offer great quality with a lower price point than what you might be looking at. For example, laminate flooring is more affordable than hardwood and quartz counter tops are just as sturdy and cost less than granite. It all depends on discovering where you are able to make 'invisible' financial concessions which work and look great.

Just remember that a home is a constant work in progress. While you want to select products which will stand up to everyday wear and tear you can always upgrade to a newer, better product down the line. In the meantime, you can select the finishes that fit your budget that you'll enjoy now and for years to come.
Lumber Liquidators
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GE Fireclay Tile

Moen® Dupont
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