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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 124     9/3/2014 
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Breath of Fresh Air




ENERY STAR Collection
hen properly maintained, your home is a tightly sealed environment. That is important when you consider operating costs of a heating and cooling system, but that can also pose a problem regarding indoor air quality. With most homes designed to be very energy efficient, there may be few opportunities to bring fresh air inside and without proper ventilation your home's air quality might be less than optimum.

But this is easily solved. We have provided some tips to help you increase your home's air circulation from the simple suggestion of opening windows and doors, to installing whole-house ventilation systems. You may not be thinking about ventilation when you are first starting your building project, but thinking about things such as window and door placement and where you might want to place some ceiling fans will help your family breathe easier in their new home.
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