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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 126     9/17/2014 
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ENERY STAR Collection
n old favorite is making its way back into the spotlight. Years ago bright and muted silver or silver grays seemed to dominate the metals design world. Fixtures were often finished with chrome, nickel or steel and this trend showed no sign of waning. But in recent years, a new metal finish trend has begun to emerge, emphasizing brass and copper.

Commonly used in the background of homes, brass was last popular in the 70's before technology started influencing design. Now however, brass is back and it is making its presence known. With everything from dark metal sinks and faucets to hardware and light fixtures, the metal is regaining its footing in the design industry. Brass, copper, and other darker metals add a sense of warmth to a space that is quickly gaining favor and in its unfinished form, can add a unique hand wrought touch to your design.
Native Trails
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