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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 131     10/22/2014 
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Water-Saving Bathrooms




ENERY STAR Collection
our bathroom is where a lot of your home's water consumption takes place and you want to make sure that you use that water efficiently. Whether you are looking to change your habits to save some extra money on your energy bill or you think it is time to replace an old fixture, there are lots of water efficient products on the market that can fit your style and budget.

Delta® for example, has a wide selection of different styles in their collection of water efficient faucets. The best thing about their collection is that anything labeled water efficient beats the industry standard by at least a gallon of water per minute. TOTO® has continued to innovate toilet technology. Their Neorest 700H is actually a toilet with a built-in washlet that uses a gallon or less of water per flush. And Kohler® has released several water efficient models with contemporary and bold looks. Take a look and see how installing some of these innovative new bathroom products can help you save money.
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Kohler TOTO®

Delta® Kohler®

Toto® Delta®
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