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Issue 77     10/2/2013 
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Understanding Color




ENERY STAR Collection
remember how my second grade art teacher once told me that as an art student herself she swore that she'd be buried with her color wheel. While I still think this was a bit over-the-top, as I started to study art more seriously I discovered that the color wheel is extremely useful when deciding on a palette for your new home. If you read the color wheel correctly you can find a few simple palettes that provide interesting color choices for your new home.

We are going to cover three fundamental concepts that hopefully will get you excited and interested in color palettes: analogous, complimentary, and split-compliment. Use of these palettes will help you to be on your way to designing with confidence. Understanding and using these concepts, the next time you need to paint a room you'll be able to look at your couch and say, "I know what will look great with this."
Benjamin Moore

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