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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 99     3/12/2014 
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Recycled Materials for Your Home




ENERY STAR Collection
hen it comes to building a green home, considering where your materials are sourced is just as important as considering energy efficiency or durability. While you may get a durable floor or countertop, there are other solutions that give new life to old materials. Using recycled and reclaimed materials in your new home will not only reduce your environmental footprint but it can also give your home a unique and storied appearance.

There are many ways to use reclaimed products, from reclaimed wood beams, to siding and mantel pieces. There are new and innovative products on the market that can give your home a unique appeal that is all yours. For example, Fireclay glass tiles let you mix and match to get a unique combination of colors and sizes, and Elmwood Reclaimed Timber offers The Naturals wood flooring, which mixes different woods to give you an individual appearance. Whether you simply want a recycled tile backsplash or you want a farmhouse butcher block style countertop, there are lots of ways to add reclaimed products into your home.
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Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Fireclay Tile

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