5 Tips For Designing a Great Mudroom

Slush and snow are great arguments for the value of a mudroom – a place where people can take off boots and coats before entering the main rooms of a house. While there are plenty of craftsman house plans that offer them, it's still important for you know how to best design for them.

Here are five tips for designing a great, functioning mudroom.

Install large tile floors

Mudrooms are going to have a lot of dirt and mud on the ground, so you're going to want a floor that's easy to clean. Larger tiles are a great option because there is less grout – and therefore less cracks – where grime can collect. Whatever material you choose for flooring, however, make sure you can easily hose it down. Wood may be aesthetically pleasing, but difficult to clean.

Include a bench

Taking off wet and dirty layers can be an involved process. While a bench may take up a little more of your floor plan, you'll be thankful come the winter months when you have a place to sit. Make sure the bench is big enough to seat at least two people. The mudroom designed for HHF-8383 offers plenty of space.

Have plenty of storage

Coats and boots will need to have proper storage in your mud room. Store boots under the bench and install a coat rack on the opposite wall. That way, all dirty clothing stays in one space. You can have dividers for the boots, but resist the temptation for cubby holes. You want your shoes to be able to dry and drain on the tile.

Allow for easy drainage

Before anything else in the room, you'll want to have a drain installed. This will keep water from pooling and help avoid mold. A center drain is fine, but the more discreet you can make the drain, the better. The opposite corner of the bench, preferably hidden under a cabinet, is a good spot. Just make sure the floor is slightly angled so that the water pours toward it.

Choose a good color

Paint provides an opportunity to bring some life to your mud room. Lighter shades will make the space feel brighter and bigger, but will reveal more dirt if not cleaned regularly. Dark colors will make it feel cramped, but dirt won't show. Choose a color somewhere in the middle if you're looking to compromise.