Affordable Luxury May Be One of This Year”s Design Trends

Paste Magazine recently posted its predictions for the top 10 design trends of 2014. One in particular – high style at low prices – is an equally fitting description of pre-drawn house plans. People hoping to build a home that's luxurious inside and out may just have a bright year ahead of them.

The economics of pre-drawn plans
A personal architect will help customize your home to your every whim – for a price. Unfortunately, that level of site-specific design is enough to price out plenty of prospective homeowners. Pre-drawn house plans offer the advantage of a much cheaper alternative. However, a cost-effective blueprint doesn't necessarily equate to poor quality design. Plenty of pre-drawn home plans are designed by renowned architects, and an extensive selection of such blueprints means that buyers may be able to find their dream home at a fraction of the cost of designing from scratch. These pre-drawn blueprints range from French country designs to luxury house plans, ensuring that it is, indeed, possible to achieve high style at low prices.

Matching inside to the outside 
Fine house plans demand equally tasteful and elegant design. According to Paste Magazine, home goods stores are making it easier than ever for homeowners to achieve high-class looks at affordable prices. The Internet also has plenty of design websites that grant shoppers the opportunity to find deals on normally pricey furnishings. Chandeliers to hang in the dining room or in a grand stairwell can be found at a bargain online, whether homeowners are looking for something rustic, minimalist or Victorian. No matter what you're looking for, you can probably find it on sale online.

Of course, high style at low prices has always been available for buyers who know how to look. Thrift stores and antique shops offer plenty of slightly used but nonetheless high-quality furnishings. In many instances, you can find these older goods to be of a better craftsmanship and durability than mass-produced furniture made today. The trick to shopping used is to look past initial appearances. Ripped fabric or a scratched leg of a couch may seem unappealing, but reupholstering and refurbishing are relatively cheap services. You can even do them yourself. More important when buying used furniture is determining whether the structure is intact, the materials of good quality and the basic design appealing. Other flaws can usually be buffed, stained or patched according to your needs.

Taking advantage of other trends
Given the possibility for affordable design, people can even start implementing some of the year's other supposed design trends. These included rich, luxurious fabrics and sculptural artwork, both of which would add some serious flair to any room. Light wood and natural elements were other predicted highlights for the year. Given that wood shades are always coming in and out of style, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a nice piece of used furniture made from maple, oak, ash or pine. People who like print also have reason to embrace design in 2014, as classic patterns with a modern twist also made the list. The celebration of pattern is yet another reason why homeowners may want to try their hand at reupholstering antiques at a fraction of the cost.