Integrated Drain Boards Are Smart Design

Counter space is invaluable in a kitchen, which means that efficient design is key. Integrated drain boards are one of the more ingenious elements you can incorporate into your kitchen. Best of all, their sleek but unassuming look makes them as fitting a choice for modern house plans as they  are for detail-oriented craftsman homes.

Smart solutions
When first moving into a home, kitchen counters look beautiful and untouched. Yet, inevitably homeowners must find places for spices, cutting boards and draining racks – one of the more unsightly, utilitarian aspects of a kitchen. The integrated drain board is an engineer's response to that problem. A section of the counter next the sink is slanted slightly so that water naturally pours into the basin. A series of ridges continue from the flat part of the counter over the incline to keep an even plane. Dishes, pots and pans that still need to dry can be places on the ridges, allowing water to drip onto the incline and into the sink. When it comes time to clean the drain board, all you need to do is wipe it down with a dish towel. Once you've put away the dishes, you have a countertop free of clutter.

Making room
The space saved by an integrated drain board makes it a good design element for kitchens large and small. With traditional drying racks, you would have to find storage space for them when they're not being used. When you're not using an integrated board, you can easily place a cutting board on top of it to create a flat surface for kitchen work. If you are cutting or cleaning raw vegetables or meat, you just need to remember to wash the drain board thoroughly, which is again made easy by its self-draining design. The only drawback is that the drain board is a custom part of the countertop, meaning that you need to make a decision to install one before laying down your chosen surface.

Matching to your home
The aesthetic benefit of an integrated drain board is obvious, as your kitchen will consist of fewer distracting design elements. For craftsman house plans, you may choose to have the ridges be the same material as the rest of the countertop. For more modern, minimalist home designs, you can choose to make the ridges metal to create a sleek, contemporary statement. Once you've decided on a drain board, the style is really up to you.