Key Ingredients to Designing An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

If you’re craving an eco-friendly kitchen, you’ll want to start with a house plan that has a fabulous kitchen design and then you’ll want to find energy-efficient and sustainable appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Today’s modern kitchen remains the hearth of your home but with many extra additions – professional cooking and prepping areas, living room, warming drawers, breakfast nook, beverage/wine coolers and much more. All these new trimmings have expanded the role of the kitchen and made it a bigger, better, and now greener place for you and your family to enjoy. By choosing one of our ENERGY STAR/green house plans, you can create a gorgeous kitchen that’s healthier for you, lighter on your wallet and better for the environment. Visit our Green Building section to read our newest article, Ingredients for a Green Kitchen.