Homes to Build on Acreage

Peaceful solitude with open air and endless views… if this sounds like your dream, check out these homes to build on acreage. Whether your lot is 1 acre or 100, we here at Direct From The Designers have house plans for your consideration. Available in countless sizes and styles and with tons of features, our […]

Adding a Workshop to Your Home

Did you know that adding a workshop to your home is easier than many think? Let us show you how! Having a workshop in your house plan is a great way to add value and functionality. Whether it’s for the weekend hobbyist or a full-time woodworker, we’ve seen and helped create workshops for all kinds! […]

How to Earn Extra Income with Your Home

Wouldn’t you love having some extra cash in your pocket? Well, we’ll show you how to earn extra income with your home with these special house plans! Once you have a rentable property, you can earn money without hardly having to lift a finger. Attaining this dream is easier than you might think. Direct From […]

The Best Home Plans for Kids

One of the top reasons people choose to build their own homes is for their families, whether they are complete or still growing. Sound like your situation? We’re excited to show you some of the best home plans for kids! While no two families are alike, each of these homes has something special to offer. […]

Homes with a Wine Cellar

If you love the finer things and entertaining crowds of all sizes, then you’ll certainly love these homes with a wine cellar. A wine cellar adds so much value to a design by creating a dedicated space for your collection. With a feature such as this, you can easily store wine for any occasion! Homes […]

How to Build a House in the City

Trend-setting style and bustling urban living–city life has so much offer. With these tips on how to build a house in the city, this dream can be your reality in no time! When most folks think of city living, they often think of astronomical rent for a tiny space and a lifestyle only attainable for […]

Home Plans with a Workshop

Want to get the most productivity out of your new house? Build one of our home plans with a workshop! No matter your favorite hobby or personal pastime, a dedicated place for it will be a major asset. And if your chosen plan doesn’t have a workshop space just yet, no worries! We can easily […]

Five Fresh New Homes for Spring

As the winter months fade away and the flowers start to bloom, there is a wonderful feeling of opportunity and new beginnings in the air! Embrace the seasonal shift and try something new when it comes to your next house. Whether you’ve been waiting for the right time to build your dream plan or you’re […]

Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Avoid stress and clutter (and stick to your budget!) by incorporating storage ideas for small homes when you build. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite smaller home plans to show you how. Whether you’re downsizing or building your first home, these plans come packed full of storage necessities! Many people think that choosing a small […]