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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 130     10/15/2014 
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Fall Maintenance Tips




ENERY STAR Collection
all is a beautiful season but it also means that winter is on the way. During these cooler months there are a number of maintenance tasks that you can do to help keep your home in top form through the winter and for years to come. Whether you've just finished building and moved in recently or have lived in your dream home for years, there are a few maintenance items to address each fall to help keep your home in perfect condition. From outside tasks like cleaning leaves from your gutters to getting your chimney, heating, and gas systems inspected these checks will keep your home working properly and prevent headaches down the road.

Doing annual maintenance is the best way to see things like a roof that is beginning to lose its coating, a cracked sidewalk, or possible issues with your heating and ventilation systems. Here, we have compiled eight tips to keep yourself and your family safe in your dream home this fall and all winter long.
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Integrity® Windows Therma-Tru

Integrity® Windows Therma-Tru
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