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Direct from the Designers - Dream Green NewlsetterIssue 139     12/17/2014 
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Gifts for Your Garage




ENERY STAR Collection
hen you start to build your new home, don't overlook your garage. Garages can be used for storage or even an extension of your living space depending on how they are organized and decorated. When you build a new home you can invest in these design choices before your garage becomes a storage catch-all and instead make it into the space you love.

For example, some aesthetically pleasing storage cabinets will encourage organization and keep your garage from becoming a hub for seasonal decorations and infrequently used sporting equipment and gadgets. A beautiful new garage door with a lifetime warranty can improve your home's curb appeal and last you for years to come. And if you really want to add a cosmetic touch to your garage, easy-to-clean garage flooring is another great gift. And if you really want to take your garage to the next level consider turning it into a bona fide man cave.
Amarr® Garage Doors
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California Closets® Gladiator GarageWorks

California Closets® Amarr® Garage Doors

Gladiator GarageWorks Amarr® Garage Doors
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