Great Gifts for Your Garage this Holiday

by Lauren Busser Direct from the Designers™’ Editorial Director

Do you have someone on your gift list that spends a lot of time in the garage? Or do you wish your garage could be made into a more livable space? Maybe the man in your life really deserves a man cave where he can get away from the main home. We’ve come up with a few great gifts for the guy in your life this holiday.

The New Gladiator® Floor Pack from Gladiator® Garageworks will help you create an upscale floor space. Easy to install and maintain this floor with be an aesthetic choice you will love for years to come.

Gladiator Garageworks New Gladiator Floor Pack

A New Garage Floor

Just like you install flooring throughout your home, you can install flooring in your garage too. Take a look at the New Gladiator® Floor Pack from Gladiator® Garageworks. This package consists of 32 black and charcoal tiles, about half an inch thick, allowing you to create a 32 square foot floor space in a personalized design such as a checkerboard. It also includes four corner pieces and trim to create a polished look.

This product is just great for the guy who likes to do it himself. The floor can be installed by any hands-on type since the tiles snap together without adhesive. The tiles can be simply hosed down for thorough cleaning after a messy job. And it's durable, too. It can support up to 250 pounds per square inch and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Get a stylish and energy efficient garage door from Amarr’s® Lincoln Collection.

Amarr Lincoln Collection

An Energy-Efficient Garage Door

Your garage door doesn’t have to be plain. Consider gifting a garage door that is energy efficient and stylish. Amarr® has a lot of garage doors in a variety of styles. Pictured here is the Lincoln Collection. With over 150 door designs made from durable, low-maintenance steel at great value prices, you are sure to love their classic designs for years to come.

Not only do these doors come in a variety of styles but they are also energy efficient with an R-value of 9.05 thanks to CFC-free insulation. The heavy duty hardware also helps keep this door operating efficiently for years to come. Add to that a lifetime warranty and these doors are sure to be a hit.

Organize your garage with Storage Cabinets from California Closets®.

California Closets Contemporary Garage

An Organized Garage from California Closets®

A common garage problem is that it may become the place where seasonal decorations, or infrequently used gadgets and tools get stored. These items can collect over time and become a collection of clutter.

This happens when a garage lacks storage that encourages organization. Tackling this problem means that your garage can become a destination in your home rather than a storage space. That’s why we love California Closets® Garage Solutions. They offer storage cabinets and workbenches and will work with you to create a storage solution that works with your garage without compromising your aesthetics.

Additionally, if you want to give the guy in your life the perfect gift, consider creating their perfect 'man cave' this year. California Closets® offers a garage package that will turn an ordinary garage into a real man cave. As these packages are meant for the garage or any other underutilized space, we encourage you to visit California Closets® web page to see what a California Closets® Man Cave would look like.

Remember, your garage could be as much a part of your home as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom so you want to be sure that you treat it just like any other room. Keep it clean and organized with new storage cabinets and workspace, or give it a cosmetic makeover with a new floor or garage door this holiday season.

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