Best-Selling Southern House Plans Direct from the Designers

With summer around the corner, I find myself watching a lot of old movies that feature Southern plantation houses that look majestic in the sunlight and feature extravagant outdoor living spaces.

Now, you might be imagining a home like the one from Gone With the Wind or even one of the homes from The Help, but Southern styling reaches across a wide variety of house plan styles to combine charm, elegance, and historical flair.

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A key feature in this house plan is all based on the needs of a large family. The rear-loading stairwell, accessed from the rear entry, allows younger members of the family to go outside or to the breakfast table with minimal disturbance. The stately columns add to the majesty of this beautiful home and the large front porch emanates Southern hospitality.

When you think of Southern plantation houses you probably think of the Old South and the antebellum style. These houses were largely based on the Greek Revival and neoclassical periods. The columns, the stately silhouette, and other features we think of as being Southern were introduced by Anglo-Americans who moved to the South after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Modern Southern architecture has transformed to incorporate a wide variety of tastes.

In the early 1800s, Americans identified more with the Grecian style of architecture than the British styles. If you imagine the Parthenon, you can tone down some of the decorative details and get an idea of what these stately homes looked like.  Commonly these home were made of white clapboard exteriors, decorative pilasters, and dentil moldings and heavy cornices. Though there are still some of these historical buildings around, many of the more modern takes blend the Greek Revival style with the Southern Colonial style.

southern house plans, traditional house plans
Unlike traditional Southern architecture, this house plan does not have the symmetrical façade. This blends the elements of Southern style into a modern, one-story design with lots of curb appeal and room for expansion.

Colonial style originated in the Southern American colonies. Unlike the Northern colonial styles the Southern style had a chimney at the end instead of the center. Other features were a centered front door, multi-pane, tall, double-hung windows, steep gabled roofs, and a narrow plan, often only one row deep. There are also tall foundation walls to protect against moisture damage, and a large welcoming porch.

With a range of styles from the simple cottage to stately homes these houses share a few common features. Unlike Victorian or craftsman homes, these houses are often symmetrical with porches, columns and shuttered windows. Some are also raised off the ground in order to give a good view of the surrounding. Gables and dormers are also a key feature where the roof design is concerned.

southern house plans
This grand Southern-style two-story home has stately columns and eye-pleasing symmetry. An impressive curved staircase greets guests as they move beyond the foyer into the vaulted family room, where a fireplace adds ambience. View additional photographs of this Southern Belle.

Regardless of whether you choose a French Creole, Antebellum, Greek Revival or Georgian inspired Southern house plans, you will find that these plans are warm and inviting, embodying the spirit of Southern hospitality.