Creating a Romantic Master Suite

The master suite in your home is more than just a place to sleep and store your clothing. For couples, the master suite is a place to spend time together and enjoy romantic moments. The décor that you choose plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere and mood in your bedroom.

Choose soft colors for a romantic bedroom mood. You do not have to focus on traditional reds or pinks. Soft colors such as pale blue and sea green can create a serene and relaxing color, which is romantic. Also warm, earth tones can create a romantic mood for your master suite.

The texture of your bedding and fabrics adds to the romantic mood. Use soft, luxurious textures like satin, which are comfortable and enticing. Consider using fabrics for accents, such as a flowing canopy over the bed or on the wall behind the bed. Choose sheer fabrics that reach the floor for window treatments for a simple, romantic look in the room. Down comforters are soft and warm, which is perfect for cuddling and romance.

Since, the bed is the focal point of a romantic master bedroom you’ll want to choose a bed size that is appropriate for the size of the room and you and your partner. Don”t cram a king-sized bed into you room if it doesn’t leave adequate space to walk or for any other furnishings. If your room is large enough, a lounge chair or loveseat is a romantic touch for the room. Select curved and ornamented pieces to enhance the romantic theme in your master bedroom.

Lighting is an integral decorative accent to creating the right, romantic mood so select multiple layers of light so you can control the brightness in the room. Don’t forget to add plenty of candles. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to consider remodeling/redecorating your master suite so you and your partner have a romantic home getaway.

Get inspired by our collection of master suite house plans, which are all designed to create a relaxing, romantic and pampering retreat.

master suite
This gorgeous master bedroom features all the amenities you need to create a romantic getaway .