Designing for Fido

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, and shelters all around the country are filled with dogs and puppies of all breeds who need a new home.  If you already have one of these beautiful dogs or are thinking of adding one to your family after you build. Here are a few things to consider.

Main Plan Photo
This charming country house plan with a white picket fence would be ideal for a smaller dog.

Keeping Pets In

A dog is active, and if you plan on letting them out to roam the yard, it would be wise to put a fence up. Yes, an invisible fence won’t obstruct curb appeal, but while it keeps your precious pet in, it can’t keep predators out.  Your fence should also have a buried, inward, forward-facing section to keep your pets from tunneling.

Dealing with the Mess

There is also substantial mess involved in owning a dog.  They are living beings and are as curious as a small child. There is definitely a chance that your dog might step in mud and track it through the house.  For this, a mudroom is a nice addition to the house. Serving as a second entryway, it often helps to dirt from entering the house proper.  Likewise, if  your dog or puppy gets wet or muddy and feels the need to shake, it’s more likely the grime will end up on an easily washable wall, instead of some new furniture.

Decorating and Designing

When it comes to designing the particulars of a room, keep your flooring choices washable. Think of hardwood floors, semi-gloss paint, and easily washed area-rugs. Also, consider interior, dutch-doors. These two-piece doors will allow for easy control over which animals can enter each room and eliminate the need for awkward baby gates.

This kitchen house plan shows the use of a Dutch door. While not on the interior, it demonstrates how easily these elegantly designed doors can corral a dog.

Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience, but to avoid regrets later on, it is essential to think about how the pets will be cared for in their new home. To prevent the loss of a four-legged friend and keep the humans of the house sane, a few stylish design additions will ensure a great quality of life for both humans and canines.