Efficient Small House Plans for Comfortable Living

There are plenty of reasons for building a small house, but if not planned out well enough small houses can be constricting, and coming up with a good small house plan to make each part of the home work could be quite a challenge. The following are some tips to allow you to come up with a viable plan for a small house plan.

Splitting the bedrooms

For small houses, it’s ideal to have the bedrooms set up on opposite sides of the house. In small spaces, conversations and door movements could disturb occupants of adjacent rooms. Having the bedrooms placed farther away from each other allows for better privacy and lessens noise for occupants.

Keeping private rooms protected

Keeping private rooms protected, or out of sight from the home’s public area can be tough for small homes. In small houses, it’s quite easy for guests to see into surrounding rooms from the living hall. Privacy could be jeopardized. That’s why as you set out to create your small house plan, to make private rooms such as bedrooms protected it might be best to come up with a winding design.

Consider high ceilings

Small spaces will look bigger with higher ceilings. Because ceilings are included in house plans, be sure that the ceilings in the most commonly used rooms such as the living room and dining hall are high. The ceilings in these areas should ideally be about eight feet.

Considerations for outdoor living spaces

Having an extended or outdoor living space compensates for the small indoor spaces in small homes. That’s why for small house plan, the outdoor areas should be included. You may choose to have a front porch or a carport built in front of the house and have a private patio built in the back. These areas are great for entertaining guests when they can’t all be accommodated inside during parties or family gatherings. They are also ideal for activities that you enjoy doing most, such as watching the sun as it sets or spending a quiet afternoon with family and friends.

Considerations for the garage

If you have a small home, it could be quite a challenge to build a garage, especially if you have two cars. To maximize your square footage, build a long enough and narrow enough garage that will fit a maximum of two cars.


As for bathrooms, small homes should have only one full bath, ideally in the master bedroom. The second bath should just include a shower. This allows occupants to still enjoy a good bath simultaneously on both bathrooms while maximizing space.


Another great tip to make a small house look larger is to allow plenty of natural light in. Larger windows and skylights may be considered in the living room and dining hall.