Turning Your Master Suite into an In-Home Spa!

A spa day is always incredible, but who has time to go—or even remember to book the appointment? Cut out the middleman and bring the spa to you! It’s all about making the most of that amazing master suite in your brand new floor plan. De-stress and unwind with calming colors and a comfy place to rest your weary bones. And don’t just head to bed at the end of the day—make your master suite an experience. Keep these must-haves in mind and you’ll enjoy every moment of serenity by turning your master suite into an in-home spa!

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Use Earth Tones & Casual Seating to Bring Serenity

House Plan 1933: Earth Tones & Casual Seating Bring Serenity
House Plan 1933
7,395 Square Feet, 6 Bedrooms, 5.2 Bathrooms

Your master suite is more than just a place to lay your head. Add comfortable furniture for casual seating. Make sure to keep the color scheme to light and earthy tones so it creates a natural air of relaxation. Add greenery or a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers to add life into the room. There are so many easy ways to design the oasis of your dreams.

The sitting area will be your new favorite spot. With a cozy lounge chair near large windows, you can create the perfect place to curl up with your latest book. You’ll also enjoy soaking up warmth from natural sunlight while taking in the view! Another simple suggestion is to put a bench at the end of your bed. This provides a place to sit while getting ready—and who doesn’t love a bit of extra storage space?

Embrace the Beauty of Natural Light

House Plan 7575 Master Suite
House Plan 7575
1,996 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2.0 Bathrooms

Natural light can be hard to come by in the more private spaces of your home like the master suite. Fear not, there’s more than one way to let the light shine in! With wide and high windows, you can let the morning light pour into this space without worrying about onlookers. Plus, why not add a skylight in your master bathroom? This natural light will bring a boost of energy to your morning routine that can be carried throughout your day.

We love natural light so much that it’s one of our top tips for turning your master suite into an in-home spa. Whether it’s a calming nap by a private bay window or a long soak looking up at the stars above, you can never have too much natural lighting!

Adding a Double Vanity to Increase Storage

Plan 8292: Double Vanity with Ample Storage
House Plan 8292
4,352 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.1 Bathrooms

Take back your elbow space with a double vanity in your new master suite. You will never regret the decision to add a second sink to your bathroom, and neither will your spouse! Do they complain about the dozens of toiletries and beauty tools that surround your sink? Keep clutter at bay with generous storage space throughout. Organize soaps and towels below, stow curling irons and beard trimmers nicely in drawers, etc. Go all out and add a tall cabinet atop your counter for hiding small odds and ends as well!

With all this extra storage, you have space for more creams, lotions, bath salts, and anything else to make turning your master suite into an in-home spa a breeze.

Walk-In Showers & Jacuzzi Tubs—A Valuable Addition

House Plan 7055: Walk-In Showers and Jacuzzi Tubs, Oh My!
House Plan 7055
2,697 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.1 Bathrooms

For just for a moment, can you imagine enjoying a spa atmosphere without even leaving home? Just draw a warm bath in your large soaking tub. Sprinkle in bath salts or a bath bomb of your choosing while soft incense and music fill the air. Add a separate walk-in shower that boasts sauna-style seating or multiple shower heads for a pampered experience. Best of all, you’ll never have that annoying moment when someone tells you that your time has ended! Whatever you’d like your sanctuary to include, we are here to help with turning your master suite into an in-home spa experience!

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