Three Popular Bungalow House Plans

If you want a home that can guarantee privacy and still look modern, you might want to consider a bungalow house plan.  A bungalow is typically a one to one-and-a-half story home with low-pitched roofs and wide overhanging eaves. The term bungalow is widely used and has different meanings depending on the location.  The term originated in India from a Hindi word literally translating to “house in the Bengal style.” Bungalows were adapted from the Indian style by the British and made their way to America in 1880. They remained popular for fifty years and are notable in American architecture for making good design affordable.

Our most popular bungalow house plan features a comfortable lanai and porch and a covered front porch. This enchanting fairytale style house plan has beautiful curb appeal and is a wonderful place to entertain friends in a cozy atmosphere.

Depending on where you live, the word bungalow was used differently. From about 1905 to 1930 Americans used the term bungalow for any house that used space efficiently. In the United States however, the interior of a bungalow house plan often features a living room at the center, connected rooms without hallways and built in cabinets, shelves and seats. The space efficiency in a bungalow style house plan is believed to have originated from army tents and rural English cottages. The idea was to cluster the kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and bathroom around a central dining area. What we think of today as an open floor plan.

Another popular bungalow house plan is this small cottage. With an entertainment space downstairs and a private master suite, it is the perfect living space for a small family with the opportunity for future expansion upstairs.

While many different styles of bungalow house plans developed based on materials available in the area, the first bungalow house plans were built during the Arts and Crafts movement. Bungalows often feature natural woodwork such as exposed rafters and built in cabinetry or bookcases. These bungalows are known as craftsman bungalows and were heralded for their cozy appeal.

Additionally, these homes are popular for their heat reducing features. Its roots in India and warm climates explain why these homes are such great heat reducers. Since a large foundation is needed for this single floor house, the roof has a vast surface area, allowing the attic to trap most of the summer heat and making a bungalow the perfect solution for a warmer climate.

Our third most popular bungalow house plan is this piece of Americana. This bungalow rests on 1,380 square feet and packs a whole lot of value into its space. This three bedroom and two bathroom home also features a great room, sunny porch and recreation and media rooms.

Bungalows are a house plan style that sits at the heart of American architecture. With its simple, cozy, homeliness these houses are sure to delight home buyers and builders who want a lot of bang for their buck.