How to Choose the Right House Plans for Your Needs

If you are in the process of shopping for house plans, you might be intimidated just by the sheer number of different plans that are available.  With so many different home plans there is sure to be one out there that is right for you, but how do you find it and how do you choose between several different blueprints that all seem like good choices?  In order to find the floor plans that are right for you it is necessary to have a plan of your own.

One of the first criteria to keep in mind when shopping for house blueprints is your budget.  Most people find it easier to create a range that they can afford to shop within, and at this point it is best to start by looking at homes you like that are priced at the lower end of that range.  This way you can start with a little breathing room and hopefully find a home that leaves extra money in the budget for unexpected costs that might come up during construction.

At this point you will also need to decide what kind of home you need before you can begin to think about the house designs.  You will want to choose the floor plans that best suit the needs of your family now and into the future by considering the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you need, whether you might want a home office or basement, if there is enough room for a garage, and what kind of backyard space you have.  You must also only look at home plans that adhere to the local residential zoning laws, including height restrictions, style restrictions, house size to land size ratio and distance from the house to the edge of your property.

Once you have all these factors figured out, then you can narrow your choices even further by the style of the house plans.  You might want a modern home, a cottage, a craftsman, a beach bungalow, a ranch structure, a Tuscan villa or a farmhouse, just to name a few of the options.  Other common choices include Cape Cod, colonial, contemporary, country, European, French country, log, Mediterranean, Southern, Southwest, Spanish, traditional and Victorian.  Once you have it narrowed down to a grouping of homes that fit your budget and have all the features you need now and might need in the future, then you can decide which ones have the style you prefer.