Cottage Home Floor Plans

If you want to build a home but you’re not creative enough to draw your own blueprints, there are plenty of floor plans you can choose from that perfectly capture the kind of style you’re looking for. If you want a cottage, there are numerous home plans for sale on the Internet that fit the bill. These house plans include cozy cabins, bungalows and even larger informal designs. Some of these plans are designed to be the only home on a property, while others are designed to be a second home on a ranch or estate.

With 1-story, 1½-story and 2-story plans to choose from, you can plan and build virtually any kind of cottage you desire. There are countless different cottage house floor plans on the market, but they tend to fit into one of four different categories. These include vacation cottages, Victorian-style cottages, bungalows and hillside cottages. It is important to understand these different styles to be sure you’re planning the ideal cottage for your wants and needs.

Despite the name, vacation cottage home floor plans can either be used for holiday retreats or for permanent residences. These homes tend to have a spacious living room, veranda in front, screened porch in back, cozy dining room, modern kitchen, two to three bedrooms with balconies, separate shower rooms, a parking area and lobby. The floor plans for Victorian-style cottages usually feature high ceilings, round windows, a covered front porch, galley kitchen, dining room, bedrooms overlooking the backyard, a laundry room, and a separate dressing room all in one story. Bungalow house plans, on the other hand, are usually designed for warmer climates with features such as hipped roofs that deflect the summer heat, windows grouped together for greater sunlight and ventilation, wide overhanging eaves and large porches. And finally, hillside cottages are designed to sit on sharp or steady inclines as the name implies, with features such as large balconies in the bedrooms, walkout basements, daylight basements, underground garages, spacious living rooms with fireplaces and cozy bedrooms.

There are many cottage house plans to choose from in all sizes, styles and designs. Whether you are planning the construction of a vacation home, building a second house on your ranch or building your permanent residence, the right cottage is out there waiting for you. It’s just a matter of deciding how big you want the home to be, what features you need and what kind of exterior and interior design you prefer.