Let the Sunshine In: Daylight Savings Time Returns

 It might not feel like it right now, but spring is on its way.  Sunday March 10th marks the beginning of daylight savings time, and we will once again spring forward into daylight.  A few more hours of daylight are a precious commodity that can heighten spirits as we move into springtime.

This house plan, with a large covered porch makes for a perfect place to spend a temperate spring evening. Plant a colorful garden surrounding the porch and you will have a lovely evening and weekend oasis.


What can you do with extra daylight? According to Lowe’s, you can prepare your home for use during the long warm late spring and summer nights.

1.     You can begin by cleaning and washing the exterior of your home, including your patio and desk. It is important to finish cleaning before you plant your garden beds so that you don’t disturb any new plants. You can also clean your outdoor furniture and consider covering it until after the pollen has fallen.

2.     Then, you can tune up your outdoor power equipment.  This includes making sure that your lawn mower is in perfect condition. You can take the initiative by checking the engine oil, changing the blades, and even restringing your trimmer.

3.     Trim and shape bushes around your yard and cut down low hanging tree branches. It’s best to complete this task early and clean up the pieces before you plant in your flowerbeds.

4.     Place a new layer of pine straw or mulch in your beds to freshen them up. Just be sure to check with your homeowner’s association for restrictions.

5.     Plan. This step is the most fun.  Take a moment and plan where you want to add color with your spring landscape.  Consider adding spring bulbs or perennials to your flowerbeds or you can decide to undertake planting a vegetable or herb garden.

Need some air? This farmhouse plan has two large porches for the perfect getaway without leaving home. This house is the perfect place to entertain some evening guests with a pitcher of iced tea as you overlook a beautiful garden and watch the sunset.


Daylight savings time will bring with it the chance to do spend more time doing many outdoor activities, but if you plan on using a porch or patio during the spring and summer, a few simple tasks can make your outdoor space much more enjoyable and create an outdoor oasis from the second the clocks spring forward on Sunday March 10th at 2 a.m.