Protecting Homes from Wildfire Spread

by Kathy Ziprik, Staff Writer for All it takes is a spark. One ember carried on the wind that lands on a cedar shake roof. That’s when the troubles begin. A decade ago, homeowners outside of California probably would not have thought twice about selecting roofing materials that would resist the spread of wildfire. Not […]

The Boy, the Dog, and the Architect

In 1956, a 12-year-old boy wrote a letter to a world-renowned architect asking for a special type of building he hadn’t yet designed in his professional career—a doghouse. Inspired by this story, The House Designers are searching for a rescue dog that we can have the pleasure of designing and building a custom doghouse for […]

Decorating Your Home Interior for Halloween

Are you excited for Halloween? Do you want to spread your enthusiasm for this fun holiday throughout your home, but don’t know how to do it justice? It isn’t as easy to decorate your interior as it is the exterior of your house, because you have already made so many design decisions that you don’t […]

Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Doors

[rrssb] For most people, exterior doors provide three things: security, weather protection, and style. There are many different styles to choose from that will allow all three things. You can get paneled, flush, or glass in front entry doors, back doors, French doors, sliding doors, and patio doors. Paneled Doors Paneled doors are designed to […]