Why Cute Cottages Are In These Days

Do an internet search on cute cottages and multiple websites and images of wonderful smaller cottages will pop up. Although cottages have been around for quite some time, the tiny house movement helped increase their popularity. Interest in tiny houses began in the mid-1970s but became prevalent in the 2000s due to their lower expenses […]

Why you should build your own home!

Are you having trouble finding the perfect home? Would updating your current house to suit your wants and needs take too much time and energy? Have you been searching forever and are unable to find an existing home on the market that works for you? If your answer is yes to these questions, perhaps it’s […]

Home Plans for Seniors

The needs of the family are simple and generally understood by most. The needs of the seniors in our lives can be a mystery until loved ones find themselves in that position. A statement from the AARP shows that medical advances are allowing people to live longer than ever before, and that means we need […]