Homes with Great Garages

Gone are the days when the garage was simply used to park the car or store seasonal items. It can now be the center of activity, a workshop, and/or a gathering place if you’d like. Great garages come in different packages depending on your needs! Consider adding storage cabinets—they now make them specifically for the garage […]

Inviting Laundry Rooms

Laundry! Likely one of your most hated words. Laundry is an inevitable and tedious chore that never ends. Load after load, washing, drying, folding, hanging up, and putting away clothing over and over—you’ll spend a lot of time doing this throughout your life! But, since it must be done, you may as well do it in […]

Tiny Homes That Live Large

Tiny house living has become a major draw to Gen X and Millennials born between 1965 and 1996. These folks are investing in new homes and building their families right now. Eschewing the traditions of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennial individuals want to enhance their lives with experiences rather than by accumulating tangible items. They […]

Our Favorite Coastal and Beach Homes

Most house plans with large windows and decks will fit in at the beach, lake, or river. These ensure that views can be incorporated into the design of the home itself! But homes designed specifically for a coastal location have a certain look and feel about them. Here are some of our favorite coastal and beach […]

Double Master Suites in One House Plan

For a home with great guest space and added comfort, it doesn’t get any better than having twin master suites. Get ready to see some amazing options! By selecting a plan that incorporates 2 master suites, you open up a world of possibilities. Flexibility and functionality about with multiple suites under the same roof. House […]

Tips for Building a Home in Florida

How does one build a home? More specifically, how does one build a home in a particular location? Let’s take things one step further—how does one go about building a home in Florida, one of the hottest markets that also faces some of the most difficult environmental challenges? Getting Your Plans in Order As with […]

Favorite Two-Story Homes in 2023

Two-story homes are as popular as ever. Why? They are more cost-efficient to build because building up will add square footage to your space without the added expense of expanding the foundation and roof. Like most things, there are pros and cons to every kind of house layout. You’ll need to think about your specific needs […]

Favorite Craftsman House Plans for 2023

Craftsman homes are a favorite style for both new homeowners and empty nesters. Developed during the Arts and Crafts movement of late 19th-century England and early 20th-century America, these homes are known for their beautiful rustic, naturally crafted looks. Craftsman house designs typically use multiple materials on the exterior such as cedar shakes, stone, and shiplap […]

Building a Home in Georgia in 2023

Are you thinking about building a home in Georgia? It’s a very popular state these days! Whether you want to live close to family, a great job, or the unique experiences of the region, or the Deep South calls you for other reasons, Georgia is a fine place to settle. This beautiful state has it all, […]