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Shown above is a beautiful dining area with a double-sided fireplace that warms both the great room and dining room in La Casa Bella House Plan from Direct from the Designers. Explore 35 photographs of House Plan 4912, a luxury European-influenced home with a magnificent kitchen design, as shown above.

What Makes a House a Home?

When you think about the home that you grew up in, you can easily recall the physical attributes like the color of the home, the interior features, decorations and rooms, but with some reflection it’s the memories that were made there that made it a ‘real’ home.

I have many fond memories of sitting by the fire playing bingo, trivia and card games and laughing at all my parents stories. My mother loved to cook! I would spend hours with my mom watching and learning as she prepared the most delicious authentic Italian dishes. The holidays were my favorite. Special baked goods and dishes that were only made for certain occasions. The smells that came from the kitchen lingered in every room in our small ranch home. You couldn’t help but fall asleep with a smile knowing what wonderful food was going to be served the next day.

As for trinkets, my mom loved to collect souvenirs from all of our family trips. Our home had as many built-ins and shelves that the walls could hold.

If you’re looking to start your own family and build your dream home, a great place to start is with a beautiful house plan from Direct from the Designers’ collection of thousands best-selling residential homes. These designs incorporate all the special touches, functional spaces and eco-friendly features that you and your family would want in your new home.

A great place to start your search is the New House Plan Collection, Best-Selling Designs, Fabulous Kitchens and Affordable Home Plans. All house plans by Direct from the Designers can be customized to include all your desired changes.

In honor of Mother’s Day we would like to offer $100 off all house plans.

We may not all be able to surprise our Mom’s with such a grand gift as Ashton Kutcher, but we can certainly give Mom the blueprints to build her dream home.

You Might Really Enjoy an Outdoor Kitchen

At first glance it might sound a bit foreign, an outdoor kitchen, who would want that? After all a kitchen is normally on the inside of a house plan. It is where meals are prepared, the kid’s homework is done, and where stories of the day are swapped.

Well, this important room is getting a makeover and designers are taking it outside. Outdoor kitchens are an exciting trend, particularly during grill season, because not only do they offer function but also convenience. Today, most outdoor kitchens are just as functional as a regular, indoor kitchen. They might include a grill but they may also be equipped with a stove, oven, a fridge, sinks, wet bars and even special ventilation.

This beautiful French Country house plan has a gorgeous outdoor living space complete with a dining area, sitting area, and a fully featured kitchen. This is the perfect place to entertain guests while taking in the fresh air and scenery.

You can get as elaborate with your outdoor kitchen as you’d like, and the best part is that if you take the right steps you should be able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen 365 days a year in most parts of the country. Steps like weatherproofing and making sure that your kitchen is covered means that you will also have the option of dining al fresco.

What benefits will you realize when you invest in an outdoor kitchen?  Hosting a barbeque with a regular kitchen means that you have to go in and out of the house constantly, distracting you from your friends and family but with an outdoor kitchen you can set up your gathering and let everyone be involved with the cooking. An outdoor kitchen means more time to enjoy the warm weather and more interaction with your guests. On any typical day, you can use it to grill and prepare a meal outside for you and your family.

This Spanish style house plan already has a built-in bar. The covered rear porch creates the perfect spot for a outdoor kitchen and its position poolside makes it a great place to entertain guests.

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect luxury for the winter months. With many styles to choose from and the availability of modern outdoor appliances, you will be able to make good use of your outdoor space and enjoy the fresh air and sun as you cook your favorite dishes.

Visit Direct from the Designers to read more about outdoor kitchens and to browse the collection of outdoor living house plans.

Direct from the Designers Unveils the Ultimate Kitchen Wish List

In 2013, homeowners are craving creative, yet functional transitional-style kitchens that include spacious cabinetry and countertops, walk-in pantries and casual dining spaces. 

Times are changing, especially when it comes to home design. Gone are the days of the traditional, isolated kitchen, cut off from the rest of the house and crowded with appliances and cooking supplies.

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, more and more consumers are trading traditional for transitional when it comes to kitchen floor plans.

kitchen floor plans, house plans
This classic country house plan features a functional kitchen floor plan with cabinetry by KraftMaid and Whirlpool appliances.

Direct from the Designers House Plans, one of the internet‘s leading providers of high-quality stock home plans and home designs, is answering the call for functional and intelligently-designed kitchens that address the changing wishes of consumers. The company offers hundreds of homes with practical and palatial kitchen floor plans, conceptualized by some of the country‘s leading architects and designers, which make excellent use of some of the most popular transitional-style kitchen features:

• Smooth flow: Rather than cutting it off from other living areas, the transitional-style kitchen layout focuses on the room as a functional part of the house, flowing seamlessly into the dining and living rooms.

• A gathering place: Transitional-style kitchens offer community-oriented features such as breakfast nooks and kitchen islands, which turn this once closed-off room into a casual, comfortable place to eat, relax and spend time with family or friends.

• Wide-open spaces: Perhaps the most important features of the traditional-style kitchen, spacious countertops, accommodating cabinets and generous walk-in pantries provide a welcome relief from kitchen clutter.

“People are looking to do more than just cook in their kitchens,” said Tammy Crosby, Chief Operating Officer of Direct from the Designers. “Our house plans feature beautiful kitchens that function as dining and living areas, while still leaving plenty of cabinet and counter space for preparing and storing food. These floor plans also offer unique, customizable designs that can be molded into a true dream kitchen, no matter what your needs are.”

Direct from the Designers offers an array of house plans with stunningly spacious and functional kitchens, including:

kitchen floor plans, houseplans
One of the most popular features of this best-selling house plan is the open kitchen floor plan.

Vita Encantata House Plan: The most common kitchen complaint is too little space, especially in cabinets and on countertops. This house plan features an expansive walk-in pantry to store your family‘s favorite foods, as well as keep utensils, containers and other items out of sight. The kitchen‘s island feature offers extra counter space and a popular spot for family members to eat and converse, transforming your kitchen into the perfect meeting spot for meals and parties.

Taylor House Plan: Combining an impressive amount of coveted counter and cabinet space, this kitchen plan is a dream come true. A unique archway between suspended cabinets provides a pass-through to keep the kitchen open to the living area, while the spacious island provides plenty of room for cooking and serving. This plan also features a cozy breakfast nook with scenic bay windows, offering a tranquil escape and eating space all in one.

Harrisburg House Plan: A truly open and inviting space, this kitchen features expansive ceilings, an elevated, eat-in countertop and a plethora of room for preparing meals and storing foods, utensils and supplies. The warm lighting from under-cabinet and above-cabinet sources gives off a welcome glow to make both family members and guests feel right at home.

“For those who are building a home, deciding on the perfect, functional kitchen can seem like a daunting task; which is why we‘ve hand-picked an array of high-quality house plans with fabulous kitchen floor plans featuring products from Whirlpool®, KraftMaid® and Delta®. We also offer wide range of resources, advice and tools to help you make the right decision,” Crosby said.

On the Direct from the Designers website, consumers can browse the Fabulous Kitchens collection, which contains hundreds of homes with unique and functional kitchen layouts. The company also offers customization services to ensure your dream kitchen can become a reality.

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