Rustic Garage Door Styles for Your Home

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

If you’re like the majority of our customers, you love a home with rustic design! Technology has advanced since the heydays of popular styles such as the humble farmhouse, elaborate Craftsman, and all manners of cottage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find architecturally appropriate exterior doors. Here are some of our favorite garage door looks for rustic homes.

Clopay Reserve Wood Collection Limited Edition Series

Real wood means a one-of-a-kind piece every time. This Reserve® Wood Collection Limited Edition Series door shows off historical carriage house charm, but it’s also insulated to meet modern demands.

Wonderful Woodgrains

Wood, the go-to material of the past, continues to make a statement on today’s façades. The appeal of natural tones and textures can’t be overstated, especially as a focal point against painted or stucco siding. You’ll find authentic wood garage doors as well as durable, moisture-resistant faux wood composites that look remarkably like the real thing but require less maintenance.

Garage doors with wood and wood-look materials look fantastic on a wide variety of homes. We love to see cottages complete a woodsy aesthetic, and there’s no substitute for Southwestern exterior designs, which look their best with the organic contrast. Of course, you can’t forget Craftsman homes either—the whole style is based on showing off the beauty of natural materials with human workmanship. Consider the different colors and grain patterns wood offers to find the look that matches your whole design.

Clopay Coachman Collection

With a variety of design options intended to provide contrast, the Coachman® Collection complements homes with simple, clean looks. Your choice of colors determines the effect! (Credit: Bell Custom Homes)

Painted for Personality

If you prefer a crisp and clean aesthetic, painted garage doors are right up your alley. Look closely, though—you'll find that steel doors still have embossed woodgrain texture to convey the authentic wood element that a rustic façade demands. These are the perfect option for homeowners who want a painted carriage-style door but don't want the upkeep of painted wood.

Carriage house garage doors suit all kinds of historical styles, and they come in many designs. You can paint the whole door one color, or mix and match so the base is one tone and the overlays are another. Solid-colored doors are ideal for simpler farmhouses and colonial homes. They won’t overcomplicate the exterior, and the highlights and shadows afforded by the doors’ construction keep it from falling flat.

More complex designs—such as today’s traditional homes that use mixed siding—look great with two-tone doors that pop. Don’t forget to look at all the door design options before choosing how you want to paint, because you can strike the right balance a few ways.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Series

With solid wood looks, an arched shape, and simple wrought handles, these Canyon Ridge® Collection Ultra-Grain® Series doors are perfect complements for old-world homes. (Credit: Jeff Rease)

Shapes, Windows, and Hardware

Once you’ve decided on a panel design, you can look at finer details to personalize the garage doors for your home.

Most houses are designed for standard rectangular doors, but some styles—most notably Mediterranean architecture but also others that draw inspiration from older European homes—are all about arched doorways, garages included. For steel and composite doors, the garage opening must match the radius of the arch on the door, so shop and prepare accordingly. Natural wood, on the other hand, can be customized to fit an existing arch. If you like arch details, you can also find them in the top sections of rectangular doors, as window designs or recessed panels. Whatever door shape you have to work with, you can change its visual effect with the style of the top section.

Clopay Seeded Glass

Seeded glass offers the opportunity to add natural light to a garage as well as a historical look. Its wavy and pocked appearance mimics glass of colonial times.

Many homeowners like the visual detail that windows add to their façades. Natural lighting is also a big draw, especially if you have a workshop. If you choose to add windows, consider the merits of different types of glass—you might choose seeded glass for its historical appeal, or frosted glass for privacy. Insulated glass is also a great investment, especially for insulated doors, because it is thicker and stronger to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the garage.

In any case, finish off your door with hardware that matches your home. The look of wrought iron is universally attractive. Decorative hardware and hinges add charming detail that makes doors appear to swing open—perfect to complete a rustic vibe.

No matter the type of garage door you need, check out Clopay® and see what they can do for you! Not only do they offer a wide variety of collections, but each one has numerous design options so you can build the perfect look for your home. Don’t worry—no matter how rustic you choose to go, all doors are designed for overhead operation. Depending on the opener you choose, you can even control the door from your smartphone! Coastal homeowners will also be glad to know that Clopay® garage doors have built-in reinforcement for hurricane regions, so you can get the look you want without compromise.

Try Clopay’s® Door Imagination System to virtually try different looks on your home, and then find a local dealer to help make your choice a reality.

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