Reasons to Love Solar-Powered Skylights

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Skylights can completely change the feel of a room by adding natural light from above, just as nature intended. The effect is stunning in living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and bonuses alike, but did you know that the appeal goes beyond harnessing sunlight? Operational skylights up the game by airing out your house, contributing to better air quality and a healthier home environment. If this piques your interest, here’s why solar-powered skylights would make an awesome addition to your build!

VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight Interior

Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights like these are ideal for venting your home—they can help control heat and humidity, and do so without having to break out a manual rod or adding to the electricity bill.

A Fresher Interior

Many of us don’t air out our homes anymore; we rely on the HVAC system to control indoor climate, but it doesn’t do anything for air quality. The air inside is usually worse than outdoors because dust and pollutants—from the environment as well as products we bring in and use regularly—build up rather than getting carried away by the breeze. Refreshing your indoor air has a profound effect on your health and how you feel, so make it easy on yourself with solar-powered skylights that operate conveniently by remote control.

Venting skylights work best in conjunction with open windows. Warmer, stale air rises to exhaust through skylights, and decreased pressure inside pulls fresh air in through windows. Known as the stack or chimney effect, this movement efficiently and naturally refreshes indoor air, but it won’t happen without open apertures at different levels, so be sure to look into operational skylights!

VELUX Solar Powered Skylight Exterior

Worried about wires or rain? Don’t be! Each of these skylights includes its own solar panel to keep it charged and ready to go, and a rain sensor so it closes automatically at the first hint of precipitation.

No Wiring

You have a few choices if you want skylights that open, but none is as simple as solar-powered. Each unit is self-contained—it includes a solar panel that charges its battery. Installation doesn’t require any wiring, so solar-powered skylights are ideal for new construction and existing homes alike. You’ll save money on time and labor up front, and you can operate your skylights all you want without adding a penny to your electricity bill. If the power goes out, you can still naturally vent your home and create a comfortable breeze while the HVAC system is down. These skylights are practical in all sorts of ways!

If this all sounds too good to be true, there is one thing you’ll need to maintain: the batteries in the remote control. That’s not much when you consider all the functionality and convenience offered, just like any other modern technology.


VELUX ACTIVE takes the guesswork out of optimizing your indoor environment. It operates skylights and blinds in response to measured conditions. Just place sensors around the house to get started, and don’t worry, you always remain in control with the remote or on your phone!

Automation Opportunities

When skylights operate remotely, you can even take yourself out of the equation. Today’s remote controls work on-demand, of course, but they can also stick to pre-programmed schedules and work autonomously to optimize the indoor environment based on readings from sensors around the house and from local weather stations. That’s right, you can even take a hands-off approach to a healthier home! With app-control from your phone and even voice-control through some home assistants, you can always supervise the system and alter plans. And remember, with solar power, you don’t have to worry about automation running up the electricity bill.

If you’re looking for a way to add more natural light and fresh air to your home, check out Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights from VELUX®. They’re perfect for every room of the house, easy to install and use, and they can also come with your choice of blinds to block or diffuse harsh light when and where you don’t want it. Find a local installer to see what they can do for you!

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