Choosing Stone Accents for Different Architecture

By Megan Cooney, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

The stone you choose to use for your house can make or break the intended style. Whether you’re going for a Mediterranean, Craftsman, cottage, or modern look, there is a stone accent ideal for each one. Let’s take a moment and see which stone profile works for you!

Eldorado Stone Cypress Ridge

Cypress Ridge® is a classic stone ideal for Mediterranean homes with its warm hues and rugged shapes.

Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean homes are a melting pot—they draw from diverse cultures and mix them into one design. Spain, France, Italy, and other countries around the Mediterranean have influenced this architecture. To best flatter these houses, the stone is oftentimes left in its natural form and can be overgrouted to give your abode a classic and rustic feel. This unconventional design caters to abstract stones that slightly protrude from the structure and provide a rough surface. Each stone differs slightly in its pigment. Sun-touched golds, gentle green hues, and earthy brown colors work to create a beautifully aged portrait of stone to complement your house.

Eldorado RoughCut

With rough yet formal lines, this RoughCut® stone is the perfect mix of clean and rustic for Craftsman designs.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes are reminiscent of a puzzle—every piece appears to lock into place. They’re built with large wraparound porches and square pillars. It’s all about the geometry of the house, and it’s quite often made up of rectangles and squares. Accordingly, the stones that coincide with Craftsman houses are orderly. They are precisely cut with clean edges. Each rectangular or square piece fits perfectly alongside the other. These stone accents tend to average 8 to 10 inches in size and shape. They vary in shades based primarily on location, with both warm and cool colors present.

Eldorado Stone Limestone

Stay traditional with Limestone for cottage homes, and find a color that seems plucked from your surroundings.

Cottage Homes

A cottage is often described as a cozy and modest house placed in a rather rural community. In order to attain such a description, the stone chosen in a cottage is very particular—you want a traditional appearance. The stone is often textured and in the shape of a rectangle with soft edges. The grout is commonly visible to give the abode an old-fashioned vibe. Stone pieces are typically mid-size, not too large or small. The color you choose is contingent upon your location. Lighter palettes with a cream colored hue are best suited for warm climates and deeper colors such as a mossy green look best in cooler climates. For a truly authentic look, match your stone color to what’s available at the nearest quarry.

Eldorado Stone Stacked Stone

This bold and elegant Stacked Stone is ideal for modern homes that need a good dose of natural texture.

Modern Homes

The stones that accompany modern houses are oftentimes very detailed. Contrasting with the rest of the home, it’s all about the smaller details. Many people lay out stone in a panel system for the outward appearance of a hand-laid, dry-stack set. The bulk of the stones are exceptionally long, whether they are narrow in height or blocky. Sometimes you’ll find very simple, flat-faced pieces, and sometimes you’ll come across very textured pieces. It is worth noting that each stone appears to follow its own algorithm by protruding at various locations, making every stone distinct in its own way. The coloring of the stone features prominently. It strongly leans towards one shade. You’ll find that some modern houses may have charcoal colored stones and others may have vanilla colored stones.

It’s important to analyze which stone best suits the look you’re going for. Feel free to purchase a sample of the stone you are considering on Eldorado Stone’s website for only $25. Hopefully you come away with a clearer idea of what you desire for your home so it is exactly like what you envision!

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