Decorative Touches for Your Home's Interior

by Rachel Lyon, Direct from the Designers™’ Assistant Editorial Director

Interior design is all about showing off your style while making your space comfortable, beautiful, and personal. You can accomplish plenty with paint, furniture, and window treatments, but don’t be afraid to branch out and add some other touches as well.

This is where decorative millwork comes in. By including details like trim and columns in your interior design, you create a more permanent statement that will stand the test of time. While paint and fabric trends come and go, millwork is classic and enduring. Whether you would like to consider just the smallest upgrades or want to really increase the visual interest of your architecture, here are some ways to add these decorative touches to your home.

The use of millwork in Plan 4661 creates a charming, homey feel.

DFD Plan 4661

Define and Frame

The simplest way to incorporate millwork into your home is to choose fantastic trim that complements your windows, doors, doorways, and any extra features like fireplaces. There are more options than you think! While modest, unobtrusive styles are usually selected for new construction, you can certainly choose a more ornate one. Fypon® has so many options for mouldings, pilasters, crossheads, and pediments that you are sure to find a combination that you love.

Are you ready to look into something bolder, like dentil moulding? Or would you rather mix and match pilasters and crossheads to make a personal statement around your interior doorways or in your foyer? No matter the case, take a look at Fypon’s® Catalog to get inspired.

This bathroom in Plan 3245 is a beautiful example of how to utilize interior columns to create an elegant design.

DFD Plan 3245

Create an Elegant Bathroom

It might be hard to imagine upgrading your bathroom without shopping for expensive fixtures or hiring a contractor, but it is possible. Creating the feel of luxury can be as simple as placing some carefully chosen columns around your tub. Fypon’s® polyurethane columns and millwork pieces are perfect for the bathroom because they are resistant to moisture and won’t succumb to mildew. And beyond just the practical concerns, columns are fantastic because they allow light through the space, but still create shadows that move with the sun to help create different moods depending on the time of day—perfect for creating a relaxing or rejuvenating experience!

If you have a stall shower, you can still dress it up. Treat it like a doorway and surround it with pilasters and a crosshead. The polyurethane construction won’t let you down, even right up against your shower.

This wall niche from Fypon® is perfect for a seasonal display and will give you a creative space to work with.

Fypon Wall Niche

Make a Showcase

Have you ever thought of creating a space specifically for a display in your home? This can be as simple as installing shelves for picture and art frames, but you can take it to the next level with millwork that immediately draws the eye. Put in a wall niche from Fypon® to give yourself a perfectly-sized and distinct area to embellish exactly how you see fit. You can make it a religious shrine or rotate its contents with the seasons. Fresh spring flowers to an autumn gourd arrangement, a wall niche will exhibit your selections beautifully.

The ventilation hood in Plan 2288 is decorated with a Fypon® crosshead and brackets—ideal for the discerning chef who would like an exceptionally striking work area.

DFD House Plan 2288

Enhance the Kitchen

With so many surfaces and different areas to accent, your kitchen is just waiting to be decorated to perfection. Think about the spaces around your cabinets and counters as prime locations for millwork. You can incorporate corbels onto cabinetry to immediately enhance the design.

No matter the style that you’re working with, Fypon® has something that will match it appropriately. With more than 50 kinds of corbels, available in a smooth white, wood grain, or stone finish, you will have plenty to choose from. And there are more than 150 types of brackets, which would look fantastic under the counter of your kitchen island, for you to check out, too.

If you would like to really draw attention to where most of the work gets done in the kitchen, you can always surround your stove. Match pilasters and a crosshead like you would with a door or fireplace, and you can also add corbels to kick it up a notch. The benefit of this set up is that, while it beautifies your stove, it also hides the vent hood, which can be difficult to match to some kitchen designs.

This room is exquisitely designed with Fypon’s® Decorative Millwork.

Fypon Ceiling Medallion

Look up for Inspiration

You probably haven’t thought very much about your ceiling, because it is all too often left as an empty canvas. Don’t just ignore all of that space—it is perfect for small accents that really tie together your interior design. Consider two-piece ceiling medallions, which can be installed around ceiling fans or hanging light fixtures. Fypon® has many design options, ranging from simple to elaborate in multiple motifs, so you will find something perfect for your home.

Don’t settle for a typical interior. Build some of your style into the house to really make it personal and beautify it, and then all your other design decisions will fall into place. With decorative touches like millwork, your home will look exceptionally well-planned and attractive.

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