Shutters for Every Architectural Style

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Decorative shutters can really enhance a home, and the effect on curb appeal is that much more when they’re the right style. If you haven’t given them any thought before, you may be surprised by the multitude of options available, and the personality each imparts. Check out some of the most popular shutter styles right here!

Fypon Board & Batten Shutters

Board & Batten Shutters may seem basic, but they give you the most to think about. Consider different batten patterns to liven up your façade.

Rustic Board & Batten Shutters

Omnipresent and highly adaptable, board and batten shutters have a long history. They’re the simplest to make—requiring just two vertical boards and two horizontal battens to hold them together—and they evoke a rustic feel as a result. Of course, they can be made wider with more pieces to match windows for size. If you want to add some extra style, you can look into different batten arrangements.

The most basic batten arrangement has one toward the top and one toward bottom of the boards. They can also be on the very ends for a tidy, modern look. A third might be added in the middle to add balance, especially for tall shutters. Some like to use a Z-pattern for a pop of interest that really draws attention to the windows. All of these work well for farmhouses, cottages, and other traditional homes, and for more Mediterranean style, you’ll find that board and batten shutters come in arched options, too. If you’re unsure what to choose with all this variety, take a look at some similar houses and see what looks good!

Fypon Shaker-Style Shutters

These Shaker-Style Shutters offer clean recessed panels with classic rail and stile construction, perfect for Craftsman homes.

Clean Shaker-Style Shutters

Shaker-style shutters are made with rail and stile construction. Not sure what that means? Think about kitchen cabinet doors. You don’t see the individual planks like with board and batten shutters; you see panels and a sort of frame built with horizontal rails and vertical stiles. The look can be simple or complex, and the Shaker style leans toward the simple side with a recessed panel design. Raised panel shutters—often just called panel shutters—fit into a different category.

Many homeowners love Shaker-style shutters because they look polished without being pretentious. They’re perfect for Craftsman and bungalow homes, and any others that need an old-fashioned artisan’s touch. On the other hand, the comparative complexity of raised panel shutters is better for structurally simple and classic homes—think grand brick or stone architecture from the Colonial and Federal periods. Be sure you understand the difference between these rail and stile shutter types before placing your order!

Fypon Louvered Shutters

Perfect for colonial and classic Southern homes, Louvered Shutters evoke old-timey charm and add texture to flat façades.

Traditional Louvered Shutters

In the past, louvered shutters made it possible to block harsh sun while allowing in a cooling breeze. Now, with specialized window coatings and indoor climate control, their functional need no longer exists, but they still look great on a number of homes! You’ll find them on all sorts of historical styles, all the way from the beaches of Cape Cod to the plantations in the Deep South. If you want your exterior to have a classically traditional look that plays to its finer points, consider shutters with louvered detail.

No matter the shutter style you choose, there’s another important factor to consider: color. Your choice of color can have a huge impact on the overall look. As shutters draw attention to windows, they should pop against the exterior. You’ll often see dark, colorful shutters against a light house, or white ones against a dark house. Popular colors include black, navy blue, forest green, and dark red, but the possibilities are endless. You should definitely check out photography online—there’s a lot of it!—to help make a decision.

If you’re looking for the perfect decorative shutters to complete your home, check out Fypon® and their catalog of highly durable options. They offer woodgrain shutters you can stain to match your home, as well as smooth ones ready for paint. With different widths and heights to match your windows, and even custom capabilities, you’re sure to find a great solution. Find a local dealer to start the conversation!

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