Explore the Latest in Stone & Brick


Meticulously engineered to resemble natural stone with more than 20 textures in over 100 color combinations, Cultured Stone is our architects’ top choice for interior and exterior stone and brick.

Explore the Latest in Stone & Brick

Choosing Stone for Your Home's Exterior

Cultured Stone Cobblefield

The exterior of a home provides ample opportunity for customization, so take the time to create awesome curb appeal! Incorporating stone elements is one of the best ways to make a house stand out from the street; not only is stone the most stylistically diverse building material, but it’s also incredibly flexible. Whether you’d like to dress up your foundation or columns, or use stone for some or all of your siding, here’s how you can choose beautiful stone for your façade.


Modern Stone Profiles That Amp Up Designs

Eldorado Stone Marquee24

Choosing the perfect stone accents can be tricky no matter the style, but some styles require more careful attention than others. Modern and contemporary homes and even traditional designs with updated interior schemes call for sleek and simple touches in the background. Not sure what to look for? Here are the basics to keep in mind when shopping for modern stone profiles!


Gorgeous Gray Stone and Brick Options

Eldorado Stone Stacked Stone in Silver Lining

If you’re planning to add stone or brick elements to your home, have you given any thought to gray tones? They’re exceptionally adaptable and complement a wide variety of house styles and interior designs, so check out some possibilities to see what catches your eye. You may be surprised by just how much gray palettes can make stone and brick accents pop!


Considerations for Exterior Stone Selection

Eldorado Stone Cliffstone

Stone elements add awesome curb appeal, so take a look at your new house plans or existing home to see what you can do! Even limited applications—such as those just around an exposed foundation—can make a huge difference, but you can also side the whole house with stone for an impressive aura of permanence. If beautiful stone possibilities have piqued your interest, here are some things to keep in mind!


Choosing Stone Accents for Different Architecture

Eldorado Stone Cypress Ridge

Learn about different stone accents and which types of architecture they work well with!