Explore the Latest in Stone & Brick


Meticulously engineered to resemble natural stone with more than 20 textures in over 100 color combinations, Cultured Stone is our architects’ top choice for interior and exterior stone and brick.

Explore the Latest in Stone & Brick

Elevate Your Aesthetic with Stone Accents

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone in Wheaton

In the ever-evolving landscape of home construction, integrating stone accents is a timeless trend that marries sophistication with durability. If you're building or updating a house, you're in a position to implement these natural elements and transform ordinary spaces into remarkable ones. Here's how to elevate a home's aesthetics with stone accents and create a sense of elegance and enduring charm.


Use Dark Stone for a Dramatic Design

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone in Echo Ridge

If you’re tired of the light and bright aesthetic, don’t be afraid to use dark finishes in your home! Many people feel that an interior in shades of white is too cold or even clinical for their liking, and that it also lacks personality. Anybody looking to introduce some depth of color should consider including dark stone in their design—here’s what it can do for you!


Designing with Brick All Around the House

Cultured Stone Cultured Brick in Canvas

It may have had its heyday in the past before modern building materials came onto the scene, but brick is still a component of many new homes. Why? People love the historical element, range of colors, and visual effect of a repeating pattern. Something about brick makes it an asset across the board, and you’ll see designers and homeowners drawn to it, whether that means preserving brick elements in a renovation or planning to incorporate it into a brand-new design. If you’d like to add the universal appeal of brick to your home, here are some ideas!


Stone Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom Design

Cultured Stone Hewn Stone

When it comes to interior design, most people throw their energy into the kitchen and living spaces. It makes sense—these are the most public areas that will be enjoyed by family and guests alike. But don’t overlook the value of other well-designed rooms! A beautiful bathroom is much more pleasant than a basic utilitarian one, so think about what you can do to spruce it up. Take cues from the spaces you’ve already put thought into and add some of the same elements to give your home a more cohesive look throughout. If you like stone around the fireplace or as an accent elsewhere, consider incorporating it into your bathroom as well. Here are some ways stone can make your bathroom stand out for all the right reasons!


Choosing Stone for Your Home's Exterior

Cultured Stone Cobblefield

The exterior of a home provides ample opportunity for customization, so take the time to create awesome curb appeal! Incorporating stone elements is one of the best ways to make a house stand out from the street; not only is stone the most stylistically diverse building material, but it’s also incredibly flexible. Whether you’d like to dress up your foundation or columns, or use stone for some or all of your siding, here’s how you can choose beautiful stone for your façade.