Explore the Latest in Garage Doors


Our architects and designers love Clopay® Garage Doors because of their commitment to expert craftsmanship and their wide selection of styles including traditional, modern, and carriage house.

Explore the Latest in Garage Doors

New & Unique Modern Garage Door Options

Clopay Avante Sleek

There are all kinds of garage doors these days, so make sure to find the perfect design for your home! Due to the wide range of regional and temporal styles, traditional architecture has always had more variety in the garage door department, but modern and contemporary options are expanding as well. Here are some of the latest modern garage door design options to help your home stand out!


Fresh Garage Door Designs for 2023

Clopay Canyon Ridge Chevron

Garage doors continue to adapt to suit homeowners’ aesthetic and practical needs, so if you haven’t explored the options in a while, it’s a great time to see what’s new. Perhaps you’d like something that adds beautiful traditional appeal? Or maybe contemporary is more your style? In either case, here are some of the fresh garage door looks hitting the market in 2023!


How to Choose a Great Garage Door Color

Clopay Reserve Wood Semi-Custom

As a major component of curb appeal, the color of your garage door(s) will have a big impact on your façade. Have you considered what would look best on your exterior? Be sure to take a step back to decide whether a simple scheme or something a bit more complex is the right way to go. If you need some direction, here’s how different garage door colors can dress up your home beautifully!


Consider Unique Garage Door Sizes

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer)

Vehicles come in a variety of sizes, and overhead doors can have applications beyond the garage—have you considered what non-standard garage door sizes can do for your home? Whether you’re shopping for the garage or elsewhere, here’s why you should look into unique garage door sizes to get exactly what you want.


How Garage Doors Impact Curb Appeal

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4-Layer)

The garage is a major component of a home’s exterior, so garage doors have a huge effect on curb appeal and even the functionality of the house. It’s well worth the time to explore design options and build doors that complement the whole picture—architecture, color scheme, etc. Here are a couple of homes with perfect garage doors to show how beautiful the results can be!