Explore the Latest in Plumbing Fixtures


Whether you're looking for kitchen or bath finishes, the fixtures you choose really set the tone for the space. Be sure to consider style as well as functionality before making your selections!

Explore the Latest in Plumbing Fixtures

Finish a Home with the Perfect Hardware

Signature Hardware Kembla Copper Farmhouse Sink

Throughout the house, everything from major fixtures down to minute hardware details helps to set the tone for your design. Have you considered what style you like yet, or taken stock of all the pieces you’ll need? Here are some of our favorite hardware looks to consider, from the basics you couldn’t miss all the way to extras that’ll really set your home apart.


Fixture Finishes to Define Your Design

Signature Hardware Steyn Spring Spout Faucet in Chrome

Outfitting your home with the perfect finishing touches is one of the best parts of building! From the kitchen through the bathrooms, and overhead in every room, plumbing and lighting fixtures give you plenty of ways to personalize your space. Regardless of the overall style you’re going for, make sure you choose the perfect fixture finishes to achieve the right ambiance throughout the house. Here are some basics to keep in mind!


Considerations When Designing a New Bathroom

Signature Hardware 60" Bradenton Drop-In Tub

Designing a bathroom is an exciting task, and like everything you might design in your new house, a good bathroom requires a lot of planning, information, and careful thought. Don’t leave any decisions to the last minute—you want this space to be totally comfortable and functional, and there are tons of options to consider. Here are different aspects of bathroom design to think about!


High-Impact Kitchen Upgrades

Signature Hardware Steyn Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen is the trickiest part of a home to finish—it has to perform many different tasks in relatively compact quarters, and we want it to look beautiful, too—but that’s just all the more reason to customize yours and make it the best that it can be. Here are some cool ideas that elevate style and functionality so you can get the most out of your kitchen space and feel great about the investment!


Creating a Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Signature Hardware Broeg Wall-Mount Waterfall Faucet

It’s where you go as you start your day and as you wind down from it, so you might as well make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. The master bathroom has always been a more spacious, more luxurious part of the average home, but newer features previously available only in day spas are now attainable for residential settings. Why go out of your way to pamper yourself when you can make it a daily experience in your own home? Try upgrading your master bathroom to create a relaxing, rejuvenating space that will indulge you each and every day.