Get Tips to Design a Better Bathroom


An awesome bathroom pairs aesthetic and functional features to give you the relaxing space of your dreams. Check out these finishing ideas for inspiration!

Get Tips to Design a Better Bathroom

Considerations When Designing a New Bathroom

Signature Hardware 60" Bradenton Drop-In Tub

Designing a bathroom is an exciting task, and like everything you might design in your new house, a good bathroom requires a lot of planning, information, and careful thought. Don’t leave any decisions to the last minute—you want this space to be totally comfortable and functional, and there are tons of options to consider. Here are different aspects of bathroom design to think about!


Beautiful Waterproof Flooring for Your Bathroom

Tranquility Edgewater Oak LVP

Choosing products to complete a bathroom is a balancing act that weighs durability, beauty, and cost against one another—and it’s an investment that should last a good long while. Lingering moisture and the risk of standing water are real concerns, and that’s why only the most impervious and durable materials should be selected for this tricky space. The days of boring bathroom floor tile are gone; here are some gorgeous wood-look options that elevate design without sacrifice!


Tips for Designing a Modern Bathroom

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Contemporary architecture is focused on being bright and bold, and a modern bathroom should be no different! You’ll find an emphasis on strong clean lines, creating a spacious ambiance, and making use of a number of shapes when it comes to designing this room—and the final results look very different across the board. Here are some tips to help you create your own unique bathroom that stays true to contemporary design, so you can enjoy a beautiful and functional place to unwind.


Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

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It might feel cramped and uncomfortable to use your bathroom if it is particularly small, but there are tricks you can use to make it feel larger than it is. Whether you have a tiny powder room or a full bathroom that closes in when the door is shut, here are some things you can do to make this space much more pleasant. We have included simple projects you can do yourself and more complex renovation overhauls, so get ready to plan the perfect makeover for what you have to work with!


Creating a Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Signature Hardware Broeg Wall-Mount Waterfall Faucet

It’s where you go as you start your day and as you wind down from it, so you might as well make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. The master bathroom has always been a more spacious, more luxurious part of the average home, but newer features previously available only in day spas are now attainable for residential settings. Why go out of your way to pamper yourself when you can make it a daily experience in your own home? Try upgrading your master bathroom to create a relaxing, rejuvenating space that will indulge you each and every day.