Explore the Latest in Exterior Trends


Optimize your home’s exterior for curb appeal and efficiency with finishing products that deliver both! You’ll also find helpful tips and tricks for landscaping and the finer points of design here.

Explore the Latest in Exterior Trends

Decorative Touches to Define Your Home

Fypon Shutters

Have you found the perfect home plan but feel that your design needs a little something extra to stand out on the block? Decorative touches such as shutters, crossheads, louvers, gable pediments, and brackets are a great way to personalize your new home. Here are some design ideas to really increase your curb appeal!


Reasons to Consider Prefinished Siding

Northwest Factory Finishes (LP)

It’s harder for the average person to choose exterior products for their new home than interior finishes, but that’s no reason to be an uninformed consumer! If you’re starting to look at siding, you might be wondering if prefinishing is worth your while. It turns out that prefinished siding is actually perfect for the average consumer, and here’s why!


Choosing a Color Scheme for a Colonial Home

Therma-Tru Doors Smooth-Star

Colonial-style homes are easily distinguished by their prominent entranceway that stands in the middle of the home and creates a very symmetrical design. Historically, the colors used were neutral, generally a combination of black, white or gray. There’s been a movement away from these dispassionate colors with more color slowly being added. Now you will find Colonial homes with brightly colored front doors that make an impressive statement.


Choosing House Siding for Your Region

LP SmartSide Cedar Shake Siding

Even though a new house built near the coastline of Maine might look similar to another constructed in the Arizona desert, their exterior finishing products must be carefully chosen to ensure they can stand up to their climates. Not only do you risk having to replace siding if it’s easily damaged by the elements, but it can compromise the integrity of your home and lead to costly repairs. Be aware of your needs as you shop around—here are some important points you’ll want to keep in mind.


Upgrade Your Home's Exterior

Fypon Door Surround and Trim

Interior design is big business—you see tips and tricks plugged in magazines and on television, and there are plenty of stores that supply furniture and various housewares in every possible style. On the other hand, exterior design has long been the domain of local craftsmen and home improvement stores, and homeowners don’t play as large a role in the decision making process as they do when it comes to furnishing inside. Many believe that there isn’t much to consider beyond colors and materials, but in reality, the exterior of the house is a canvas you can truly personalize as well.