Stylish Personalities for Your Front Door

by Katrina Sutphin, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

When you envision the home of your dreams, be it a classic cottage or a mid-century modern mansion, the first image that pops into your mind is probably of the front of the house. We know you’ve worked hard to design your dream home and that you’ve selected every feature with care! Every bit of your new design is important because all the details work together to define the style of your home, so be sure not to overlook the entryway. Check out our style tips below to ensure that your front entrance will be grand.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft American Style Collection

A two panel Craftsman Shaker-style door from the Casual Comfort home design trend enhances the front of a classic bungalow style home. The Classic-Craft® American Style Collection™ is designed for this!

Easygoing Entryways

Staying true to the style of the home design you choose is about more than just fixtures and paint. Matching your front door to the style of your home is an important architectural choice that can really pull a design together. While a door should really make a home pop, it should never make someone wonder, “What were they thinking?”

More casual home designs like the American farmhouse, Craftsman, or bungalow call for an equally easygoing entryway. Some wonderful options to complement a casual bungalow are Shaker-style doors in two-panel styles. Farmhouses remind us of a simpler time with similar classic, clean lines, often with a smooth finish that can be painted. Your front door should greet you like an old friend and remind you of the warmth of the beautiful new home inside. Make your house a home with an attractive and welcoming entryway.

Therma-Tru Smooth-Star

A full lite flush-glazed door from the Smooth-Star® collection ties together this modern home. A Bold Statements style, indeed!

Bold and Bright Front Doors

Sometimes you want to make a splash on your home, so do it with a bold and bright front door! You can add some curb appeal to your mid-century modern home with bold cutouts and glass inserts to create a door with geometric style. Try adding architectural interest to a simple contemporary shed-style home with an unexpected front door that pops.

Don’t be afraid of striking designs with uncommon glass patterns and placements. If you’re more the private type, textured and frosted glass can keep door-to-door salesmen guessing while still inspiring the envy of the neighbors. Of course, this creates a naturally bright foyer inside, too!

Therma-Tru Pembridge Decorative Glass

A 3/4 captured oval lite door with Pembridge™ decorative glass falls under the Renewed Classics home design trend and adds simple elegance to a modern English cottage-style home with gorgeous details.

Clean and Classic Closures

Some homes speak for themselves, with old-world charm, elegance, and a refined nature that demands an equally classic door. Whether your home is a tailored colonial castle, a simplified old-world gem, or a modern Tudor beauty, show the world your sophisticated style with an entryway as chic as your new home!

Beveled glass details can add interest to traditional styles, or you can choose to keep it simple with a Shaker look. The classics don’t have to be boring! Make your entryway anything but average with bespoke touches and striking glass patterns.

Whether you want your entryway to make a bold statement or to enchant with classic elegance, Therma-Tru’s® Expressions 2018 design trends have what you’re looking for! Therma-Tru is sure to transform the entryway of your home into something uniquely you and guaranteed to impress!

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