Colorful Flooring Ideas for Your Home

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Are the usual options failing to grab attention? Do you want your floors to make a bold design statement? With all the types and styles available, you may have overlooked a special category: colorful flooring. Diverse in tone, these options provide an unexpected pop of saturation well beyond the normal tans and browns you usually see. Here are some of our favorite looks!

Lumber Liquidators Bellawood Select Purple Heart

Bellawood Select Purple Heart flooring provides this regal air naturally. The wood has purply undertones beneath a red base that amp up visual interest without straying too far from the norm.

Rich Warm Flooring

Flooring with warm hues should be familiar. You’ll find plenty of natural hardwoods with red tones of varying intensity. Some lighter-colored woods and bamboo also are available with bright, yellowy finishes, and some have a more subdued golden quality. Much rarer but still naturally occurring, purple hardwoods add an exotic touch that definitely turns heads to the base of an interior design.

If you want colorful flooring within the realm of natural possibility, warm colors are the way to go. They add elegance when deep and cheeriness when light. The more saturated the tone, though, the more carefully you should balance your other interior features—furniture, window dressings, etc.—to make sure they help bring out the best in each other. A colorful floor doesn’t offset and match everything as easily as a duller one, so plan everything out early.

Lumber Liquidators Morning Star XD Engineered Crushed Indigo Bamboo

If your style is bold yet cool, consider something like Morning Star XD Engineered Crushed Indigo Bamboo. Shifts in color depth create a high-contrast floor that definitely takes center stage.

Cool Blue Flooring

If a true blue is too much for you, relax! Blue flooring comes in a surprisingly wide variety, and most options fall on the gray side of the spectrum with just enough color to give them personality. You’ll usually have to look beyond hardwood if you like this aesthetic, because it isn’t naturally occurring. Bamboo is perfect if you want the feel of an organic material beneath your feet, but there are also tile, laminate, and vinyl options, and most of them have aged wood looks with cool undertones.

Many people who opt for blue floors do so in modern designs. Whether it’s a visually striking, bright blue base or a nearly achromatic one, the look fits the bold and clean vibe. The grayer tones also look lovely in traditional types of homes, too, so consider them if you’re interested in a neater, more time-worn ambiance than you get with regular wood colors.

Lumber Liquidators Virginia Mill Works Mediterranean Maple

Awesome for seaside schemes, Virginia Mill Works Mediterranean Maple boasts a unique mix of bluish green and brown tones for a dynamic, vernal effect.

Serene Green Flooring

Similar to blue but harder to come by, green flooring offers an extra dose of earthiness. It’s typically paired with brown rather than gray, so it’s also much warmer to behold. Green is a bit more whimsical than other hues, but it can really look outstanding in beach homes or woodsy cottages, where the surrounding environment is your source of inspiration. If you want to bring some of the natural world inside, check it out! Green hues have a calming effect on the senses as well, so you might be interested if you want to incorporate color theory into your interior, or even just one key space.

No matter your aesthetic preference, check out all the options available from Lumber Liquidators, where you’ll find colorful flooring hidden among the usual suspects. Don’t be afraid to ask for help finding the perfect floor if you have some ideas in mind. With expert assistance, you’re sure to love the results!

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